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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Earth Day
Yes,Earth Day is important to me. We can save the Earth during
Earth Day because we are saving the Earth's resources by turning off the electricity.
I think it is important to recycle,reuse and reduce as if we do not recycle
reuse and reduce , we will eventually use up all our resources and the future humans
may not be able to survive.
We can save Earth by not wasting natural resources like electricity and water.

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Improving The School
I like the ECO Garden..Because it gives me a very nice feeling
when i sit there..
I don't like the toilets..It is very smelly in there especially the canteen toilet..
I think they can put more air freshners in the toilets..
The school should improve in areas like the canteen..
The pupils can help by not throwing rubbbish and make the tables in the
canteen dirty..

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My favourite food is SUSHI!
I like eating it because it is TASTY!
Yes, my favourite food is healthy food.
It is impotant to eat healthily so we do not contract diseases unlike when we eat unhealthy food..we can contract diseases.
I support the school's campaign in encouraging pupils to eat more fruits and
vegetables.Because fruits and vegetables are healthy food .

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Monday--Nothing xD
Tuesday--Nothing xD
Wednesday--6:30pm : Tuition
Thursday--Nothing xD
Friday--Nothing xD
Saturday-- 1:00 or 2:00pm : Tuition
Sunday--3:00pm : Tuition (Sometimes)
I Spend 3 Days in this activity
And 4 and a half hour in this activity..
I think this activity is useful for me because it helps me in my
This activity helps me in my schoolworks . as a matter of fact
it helps my studies..
I do not feel stressed about tis activity because i think this activity
helps me alot in my studies..
Yes.. they should be invovled in activities so they can spend their extra time
learning something NEW!! :)

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I think the school gets the students to read in the morning because...
Reading helps us in English
It also can help us in composition writing as it provides many ideas
of writing a story..
I like Reading alot ..
I think books are very interesting and it also helps us in English like i said..
I Like to read some thick and interesting book..
The school can encourage students to read by lending books from the library
And lend the books to the students so that they can read but the story must be interesting
so that they can enjoy the book.
I recommend the book [Broken]..
But i forgot the author's name..
But i can ensure u this is a very nice book
This book is about Child Abusing And How The Child Survive through all this sufferings and
also protecting her sister...
Although it is a bit disgusting but is it a very touching and nice book.. :)

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Clean Air
I Think Singapore's Air is Very Badly Polluted As Factories In Singapore Always Let Out Dirty Air . So When We Actually Drive Past Factories , We Breath In The Dirty Air That Is Pass Out From The Factories. We Should Stop Polluting The Air in Singapore If Not The People Living In Singapore Will Be Affected By These Dirty Air. Even If We Do Not Drive Past The Factories Leting Out The Dirty Air . The Air Can Still Be Pass Around By The Wind . :)
Trees And Greenery
The Trees In Singapore Are Lessen As Many People Cut Down Trees To Make Paper Or Other Reasons. So As These Actions Are Carried Out The Greenery Is Affected. Singapore May Look Empty Without Trees Around. If Trees That Is At The Roadsides Are Cut Down.The Cars May Not Have Shade From The Tree As The Tree Have Been Cut Down For Makin Paper. So Cutting Down Trees Will Affect The Greenery And Maybe People Living In Singapore. :)

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Harlos Everyone :D
Tis is My First Post ;X
Hope u enjoy comin 2 my blog
Tanks :)

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